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Rarely Asked Questions (RAQ)
Q: Didn't you used to be that bloke on the radio?
A: Yes, that was a while ago now. You may remember me from such stations as JACK fm and Sam FM (South Coast, Bristol, Thames Valley), Heart (London and Thames Valley), Island FM, BBC Radio Leicester, Leicester Sound, Red Dragon FM, and The Breeze. Only geeks will remember I was briefly on Reading 107, Glide FM, BRMB, Free Radio, Mercia FM, Wyvern FM, and Signal 107. These days, if you're interested in my comedy stuff, book writing, voiceover bits, podcasting or content work, please fill out the form approximately 16mm away or come and find me on the socials and I'll get back to you.
Q: If you won a GamesMaster Golden Joystick back in the 90s, why can't I find proof on YouTube?
A: Ask the producers, but this blog post, GamesMaster: The Inside Story, may give you some clues. The game was Viewpoint on the Neo-Geo, and my segment should've aired during season four in late 1994.
Q: Who was the most famous person you've interviewed?
Amy Winehouse while she was promoting her debut album, Frank. I once had Siri interview Danny Boyle on the PR tour of the Steve Jobs biopic, and Chrissie Hynde is probably the biggest rock legend I ever chatted to. Look, if you want to hear some of that stuff, click here.

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